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I am trying to setup memcache for my doctrine queries by default in my prod environment, not going really well can't really find how to do that in the doc..

Is there a simple setting to do that ?


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There are two kinds of cache you might want to use: query cache and results cache. You can read more about it in the doctrine docs.

In the examples you'll find Doctrine_Cache_Apc driver. Using other kinds of drivers, like memcache, is dead simple. Just use appropriate class name (for memcache it's Doctrine_Cache_Memcache).

Example (in ProjectConfiguration.class.php):

public function configureDoctrine(Doctrine_Manager $manager)
    $cacheDriver = new Doctrine_Cache_Memcache( $options ); // insert your options!
    $manager->setAttribute( Doctrine_Core::ATTR_QUERY_CACHE, $cacheDriver );

My article about cache in symfony+doctrine might be helpful as well:

I mention APC but it'll work for memcache too.

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