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So, I have a .NET solution that uses StructureMap, and I'd like to have StructureMap read an outside assembly that implements an interface from a project in that solution and defines the registry entry for it.

StructreMap configuration for my solution:

ObjectFactory.Initialize(registry =>
  registry.Scan(assembly =>

     //Telling StructureMap to sweep a folder called "extensions" directly
     //underneath the application root folder for any assemblies found in that folder
     assembly.AssembliesFromPath("extensions", addedAssembly => addedAssembly.GetName().Name.ToLower().Contains("extension"));

     //Direct StructureMap to add any Registries that it finds in these assemblies, assuming that all the StructureMap directives are
     //contained in registry classes

Pretty straightforward, I tell it to add the calling assembly and the assembly from a directory to the assemblies collection. I've debugged the assemblies variable and it has indeed found all the assemblies (including the one from the extensions directory).

In a DLL project I've created separate from my original solution, I have an implementation of an interface (I've referenced the interfaces project from my original solution), and written a very simple registry:

public class ProductMockRegistry : Registry
    public ProductMockRegistry()
        ForRequestedType<IProductRepository>().AddInstances(repository =>

The problem I have is, StructureMap does not find the registry in the external DLL. It finds the DLL just fine, but when I tell it to LookForRegistries, it doesn't find it.

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