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When I try to upload a PEAR package for a new plugin to the symfony plugins site, I receive the error

An error occured while parsing ynWidgetAjaxAutocompletePlugin-0.1.0b1.tgz (The archive "ynWidgetAjaxAutocompletePlugin-0.1.0b1.tgz" does not follow PEAR conventions).

What might be the problem? My package.xml validates with pear package- validate. It is at http://pastebin.com/aeXEG6Y8

UPDATE: I've rebuilt the package.xml with pfm, but still the same error: http://pastebin.com/R4799KNY

Thank you!

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I suspect the package.xml is not at the correct place in the tgz archive.

You should package up your package file by using

$ pear package

because it will put package.xml at the right place in the archive.

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