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I've been playing with SourceKit, which is an awesome Chrome app for editing your Dropbox files using the Code Editor. In the release notes for version 0.5 and the readme, the author says

Arbitrary Javascript "plugins" are loaded post initialization from your Dropbox account. It is loaded from /.sourcekit/plugins/"

I've tried putting some Javascript in that directory, but can't seem to get anything to execute. Does anyone know of documentation for or examples of SourceKit plugins?

(I've submitted an issue on the GitHub project, but have gotten no response.)

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SourceKit dev here. Forget about the old styled plugins that I was referring to in the old README CHANGELOG entry. I switched internally to use Dojo, Ace and Require JS. I haven't gotten to the point of adding plugin support just yet with this new rewrite...

It'll come in due time! In the meantime, if you have any ideas, I do take in pull requests via github:

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You should probably stop advertising that they work, then. – tghw Mar 4 '11 at 13:33

It looks like these plugins for Bespin at Mozilla Labs should fit the bill but they don't seem to function at all at the moment. This "plugin_manager.js" file from the pilot library looks like it does just that for the SourceKit project and it was/is the same deal for Bespin/Skywriter/ACE.

I don't think at this stage there are any "downloadable" plugins for SourceKit, but the plugins in the Bespin Gallery might be worth hacking at.

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