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Is is possible to force a Rails dynamic finder to throw an ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound exception rather than return nil when it cannot find a result?

For example, where a beverage of the name 'Nuka–Cola' does not exist:

@not_found = Beverage.find_by_name('Nuka–Cola')

Rather than having

@not_found == nil

Could the


method call throw an ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound exception?

Or am I going to have to check for nil and throw the exception manually?

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Use the bang version.

@not_found = Beverage.find_by_name!('Nuka–Cola')
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Awesome, thanks! –  stephenallred Feb 22 '11 at 22:10
Simple and exactly as I would have expected ActiveRecord to implement such a feature. –  John Apr 30 at 4:52

Thanks a lot, guise

It will be more useful if you are working on some REST API stuffs. instead of showing the html exception page, render meaningful JSON or XML.

class ApiController < ApplicationController
 rescue_from ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound, :with => :not_found

  def not_found(exception = nil)
    render :json => { :message => exception.message, :request => request.fullpath }, 
                      :status => 404
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