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Is there a platform like Launchpad (Canonical) for the Android platform?
I search at least a translation service for my app.
If not, It will be nice to be a Google service which provides it, because I see too many untranslated apps in the Market.

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7 Answers 7 / string works quite well. You can use it for free and also request for pay translations.

Nice thing is that it does recognize the Android strings.xml format, as well as others like java properties etc. There are other services out there, that e.g. only know about .po files.

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I am not aware of an translation service, like Launchpad, for android apps.

It would be great if Launchpad would support the android xml language files or gettext. But this is currently note the case. There are related 2 Bugs, one on the Launchpad side and the other one belonging to google. You can vote for the android bug :-)

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I came across this plugin for eclipse:

Basically, it allows you to localize your apps by using google translate. Note that many of my foreign users have told me that some translations are really bad ...

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I came across Amanuens somewhere in another question. It's not free, but it does seem to support Android. I am definitely going to look into it, since it would help the translation process for my apps.

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This service has been discontinued. Too bad, they were quite good. – Peterdk Oct 4 '12 at 15:44

This was asked before here - what stands out to me from the answers is, with support for android resource files.

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As of beginning of 2013, the two main players in this space that I know of are:

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There is a number of good services, see my answer here. I would recommend Transifex.

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Why would you recommend Transifex? And Over What company? Thank you bro. – zatziky Jun 5 at 11:39

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