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Even a 3rd party one will do.


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There is no native multiselect combobox in WPF. Please check my blog for a simple hack using expression blend to achieve a multi selection on combobox. The idea is to utilize the Multi-Selection feature of ListBox in to ComboBox by editing the control template.

But for accessing the selected items you might need to use the bellow line in the code.


Where cmbBox is your combobox and lstBox is the ListBox inside the controltemaplate.

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I'm not sure how a ComboBox would display data in this fashion, as it is designed as a single-selection Control.

Maybe you are looking for something like a ListBox or ListView with a SelectionMode of Multiple or Extended?

<ListBox SelectionMode="Multiple" />

<ListBox SelectionMode="Extended" />
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I found this useful information from Codeproject - ComboBoxMultiSelect

I haven't tried it myself as of yet, but would let know about my experience.

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I used an expander and filled the expander's header with the selection and the content with a list box. The list box is binded to a collection. Whenever user make a selection, I update the header to show what user has selected.

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Although I am yet to get this to work, this looks like what I need and similar to what you are looking for:Just Guy's Blog

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