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By this I mean, whats the best way show the uptime of systems? Idealy id like to show some sort of percentage figure, like what the webhosts do. ie 99.5% uptime.

Is there a standard way to determine this?

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Yes, actually there's several ways to do this. make sure you use the right data for the right consumer though, there is a difference.

Iv written a full article on it here, its called "Service Availability Reporting" http://themonitoringguy.com/articles/service-availability-reporting/

That should answer your questions..

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We use Pingdom to monitor our servers, and they generate the sort of numbers you're looking for (we just use the free account). They also seem to have an API which will let you get your info programatically - no guarantees that'll work with a free account, though.

Hope this helps!

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(a) If you have the uptime in minutes and want the percentage:

Uptime percentage = (u / d) * 100

u = uptime d = downtime

(b) If you have the uptime in % and want the time:

( ( number_of_days_in_the_months * 86400 ) / 100 ) * uptime_percentage = uptime_in_seconds

Example with a 30-day month andh 99% uptime :

( ( 30 * 86400 ) / 100 ) * 99 = 2566080 seconds

2566080 seconds = 712.8 hours 712.8 hours = 29.7 days 0.7 days = 16.8 hours 0.8 hours = 48mn

Good free uptime monitoring services are for example provided by AlertFox, Pingdom and Monitis.

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