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How would one create custom class in Flash Media Server 4 in asc code file?

I can redefine custom methods on present objects, like Client here:

Client.prototype.echo = function (complexType /*ComplexType*/) {
    trace("Client.echo > calling echo");        
    application.broadcastMsg("echoCallback", complexType);

But I don't know how to define custom class.. is that even possible?

I need to know this, so I can properly relay object from client to other client and don't loose class type (see question How to relay complex type via NetConnection to FMS?)

EDIT1: I have solved my problem with relaying client-server-client complex types, but still the question stands:

If and how can I create custom class definition in Server-side ActionScript?

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Yes, you can. ServerSide Actionscript is JavaScript 1.5 in fact. Just read about OOP in JavaScript.

You can define classes the following way

SomeClass = function()
    this.someProperty = 5;
    this.anotherProperty = "Hello";

Then you create class instances

var inst = new SomeClass()
trace(inst.someProperty); //"5"
trace(inst.anotherProperty); //"Hello"
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I was looking it all wrong, if I knew, that class is just a function for SSAS... Thx. Introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript –  mizi_sk Feb 23 '11 at 8:01

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