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I am using the following cmd to print the pdf:

acroRD32.exe /t "file1.pdf" "printerName"

Everything works fine but one window pops up. Can anybody help me to disable it. I tried with various options included in this question but cannot succeed.

Any help is appreciated.

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You cannot close the last open Acrobat window through the command line. From ancient history of programming scripts for Acrobat, I believe that there is no way to do this in an Acrobat script, either.

But you can close Acrobat from the command line, though it is a bit convoluted. For a pure MSDOS method for most Windows systems, create two files: called.bat and caller.bat.


REM call the batch file that runs the program:
start "ProgramRunner" called.bat

REM wait 5 seconds -- if this closes Acrobat too soon, then increase the time:
ping -n 1 -w 5000 >nul

REM kill the called program -- should be the program name that was started in called.bat:
REM (If the program does not close, type "taskkill /?" in the command line to see options.)
taskkill /F /IM acroRD32.exe


"path\to\the\program\acroRD32.exe" /t "path\to\the\program\file1.pdf" "printerName"


Note that you can write scripts in many programming languages that accomplish the same task more elegantly.

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