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Let's say I am getting the execution time of two funcion in Matlab, I have a loop to get different measurements:

for i = 0: 100
    Start1   = tic;
    Total1   = toc(Start1);

    Start2   = tic;
    Total2   = toc(Start2);

How would I get a mtarix with the results of times like:

iteration times1      times2
  1       someval1     someval1
  2       someval2     someval2
  3       someval3     someval2

Could they be inserted in another matrix? How?

-----------------------------------EDIT I have done the suggestion and it works:

N = 100;
Total = zeros(N,2);
for i = 1: N
    Start1     = tic;
    Total(i,1) = toc(Start1);
    Start2     = tic;
    Total(i,2) = toc(Start2);
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Combine Total1 and Total2 into one matrix.

N = 100;
Total = zeros(N,2);
Total(i,1) = toc(Start1);
Total(i,2) = toc(Start2);

I would keep iteration as a separate vector:

iteration = 1:N;

Then you can plot the results, for example:

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