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I'm looking for a system to cache an already coded project (with PHP) which has features like registration and login system etc.

I have searched for some caching solutions, but I read that the logging in and posting system fails if I use such features.

What I actually need is to store results of some spesific DB queries, if there's a cache, call that results, if not generate a new cache, and re-cache them in each x minutes. (results can be stored in txt. etc).

How can I do that?

By the way, setting query_cache_type to 1 don't work. I'm looking for alternative solutions.


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Probably this may be useful:… – shasi kanth Feb 23 '11 at 3:15
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Refer the example of using memcache: here

Basically you need to cache the query:

 # After: [with memcache]
    $rSlowQuery = mysql_query_cache($sql);
    # $rSlowQuery is an array
    $rows = count($rSlowQuery);
    for ($i=0;$i<$rows;$i++) { }
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Reduce Database Calls Check out phpFastCache that support WinCache, MemCache, Files, X-Cache, APC Cache. It's simple for beginners

PHP Caching Class For Database : Your website have 10,000 visitors who are online, and your dynamic page have to send 10,000 same queries to database on every page load. With phpFastCache, your page only send 1 query to DB, and use the cache to serve 9,999 other visitors.

    // In your config file
    // This is Optional Config only. You can skip these lines.
    // phpFastCache support "apc", "memcache", "memcached", "wincache" ,"files", "pdo", "mpdo" and "xcache"
    // You don't need to change your code when you change your caching system. Or simple keep it auto
    phpFastCache::$storage = "auto";
    // End Optionals

    // In your Class, Functions, PHP Pages
    // try to get from Cache first.
    $products = phpFastCache::get("products_page");

    if($products == null) {
        // set products in to cache in 600 seconds = 10 minutes

    foreach($products as $product) {
        // Output Your Contents HERE
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You can try this :

$mysqli -> query("/*qc=on*/ SELECT * FROM table");
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