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Javascript/HTML noob here...please be gentle.

I'm learning my way around the DOM and Javascript and am using the following page to explore accessing nodes via Javascript:


As you can see in the snippet of Javascript I put in the Head, I'm trying to access the 2nd child of the <html> element, which should be the Body element.

However each time I run the page nothing happens and Firebug reports the variable as undefined. I have no problems if I change the index from [1] to [0]. This correctly identifies the <html> tag.

I'm stumped. Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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The true problem, I think, is that you are calling the code before the document is ready.

  var theBodyNode = document.childNodes[0].childNodes[1];
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document.childNodes[0] is not the <html> element. It is the doctype declaration.


You can access the <body> node directly using document.body, and get its node name using document.body.nodeName.

If you want to access it using childNodes, try,


// document.childNodes[1] => html
// document.childNodes[1].childNodes[0] => head
// document.childNodes[1].childNodes[1] => whitespace (text node)
// document.childNodes[1].childNodes[2] => body

If there is no whitespace between <head> and <body>, then, of course, the <body> element will be at position 2 or index 1 in <html> child nodes.

If you remove the doctype declaration, and the space between head and body, then your


will work as expected.

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