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Fellow Coders, i downloaded Xdebug and MacGDBp. installed them tried to debug a CodeIgniter 1.7 Controller. here is what happens:

  • Xdebug and Macgdbp can talk.
  • execution stops at the beginning of index.php
  • i can step through index.php

the issue I have is that i cannot get the debugger to recognize and therefore stop at any breakpoint i set in any other php file. It only seems to debug index.php and the other php files it calls. Nothing i do in the breakpoint window seems to have any effect.

my config:


One other note, my php.ini did not have any reference to the zend optimizer as some installation instructions say that i have to comment out. I'm using php 5.3.2.

has anyone been able to debug CI code with these tools? any help would be appreciated.


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Any thoughts on this? thanks –  djeetee Feb 23 '11 at 21:43

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I havent use the debugger you mentioned, however I have been using Zend studio and zend community server to debug codeigniter application , for this you need to install zend studio toolbar for firefox or IE. Using the zend browser toolbar feature you can directly debug from the browser and setting a break point through zend editor.

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I have given up on Xdebug and MacGDBp. started playing with zend studio. looks promising. thanks for the response. –  djeetee Mar 12 '11 at 18:19

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