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I'm solving some problem that involves Rabin–Karp string search algorithm. This algorithm requires rolling hash to be faster then naive search. This article describes how to implement rolling hash. I implemented "Rabin-Karp rolling hash" without problems and found few implementations implementations, but article also mentions computational complexity and that hashing n-grams by cyclic polynomials is prefered. It links to BuzHash implementation of such technique but I wonder how it can be used to build n-gram hash on top of it. I want to have something like this or

CPHash cp = new CPHash("efghijk");
cp.shiftRight('l') // now we got hash of "fghijki"
cp.shiftLeft('d') // "defghi"

for java.

For people who will encounter problems related with string search (like me) there are some articles that I found usefull: 1, 2, 3

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Are you sure, your examples are right? I don't think so. –  maaartinus Feb 23 '11 at 5:27

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I recently published an Apache licensed Java library which implements several rolling hash functions including Cyclic and Rabin-Karp:



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