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This is the most trivial question but I cannot figure out how to solve this.

In a String I want to relace all the occurences of this string " with this ""

My problem is that the compiler wont allow me to write """" or '""' (hope this makes sense).

So my code is:

s = s.replace('"', '""'); // so the 2nd parameter of the method is causing an error

I hope this makes sense :P

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EDIT: (using replace instead of replaceAll per suggestion)

s = s.replace("\"", "\"\"");
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Too complicated - why to use regex here? s = s.replace("\"", "\"\""); is surely much faster. – maaartinus Feb 23 '11 at 5:22

StackOverflowException's answer is correct. you need to escape quotes with a blackslash

keep in mind that (unlike some other languages) single quotes are for single characters and double quotes are for strings of 0 or more characters


'a'   'b'   '1'   '\"' 
""   "a"   "this is a string"
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