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I'm trying to prevent default action on an anchor ("a") tag. In my scenario few lines of html are rendered on the fly using ajax (after a form is submitted) and I want to add an event listener that

  1. performs an action when a newly created link is clicked

  2. prevent the browser from opening that link.

Here's what I'm writing:

a = document.getElementById("new_link");
a.addEventListener("click",function(){alert("preform action");
                                      return false;},false);

I have also tried:

a.addEventListener("click",function(e){e.preventDefault(); alert("preform action");});

When I click on the link "a" it shows the alert message but still opens the "href" link where as I want it to show the message and then stop.

Both methods show alerts if attached to an pre-existing link but do not work when attached to newly inserted links (via ajax).. which is what I need to do.

Any help/suggestions.


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try this, set href property of newly added links to "href='javascript:void(0);return false;'" , it should work. – Furqan Feb 23 '11 at 5:19

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You could use the idea behind the jquery-nolink plugin and do something like this:

$('new_link').attr("href", "javascript:void(0);");
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Using the jQuery library, you can stop the event which was bound to the jQ object (in this case, all elements) by calling the .preventDefault() method on the event passed as a parameter of the callback.

Try this:

$('a').click( function(e) {
  alert("perform action");
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Reviving an old topic, but I wanted to provide an option that didn't rely on jQuery.

a = document.getElementById("new_link");
     alert("preform action");
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simply you can do this by adding "javascript:void(0);" as your 'href' value

for example :-

<a href="javascript:void(0)" > some link </a>

or you can achive this using jQuery

$('link-identifier').attr("href", "javascript:void(0);");
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Simple Way

Also There is a Simple way to do this

that is by returning Boolean values..

example :

 <a href='#link' onClick='return false;' > Prevent Link </a>;

Using jquery to make it bit more interesting

$('a').click(function (){

   //or if you want to perform some conditions    
     // your script

   return false;

Hope it helps ☻

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