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Possible Duplicate:
iPhone voice changer

I want to make an applications similar to Talking Tom Cat, But i am not able to identify the approach for sound.

How I can convert my sound into cat sound?

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Look up independent time pitch stretching of audio. It's a digital signal processing technique. One method that can be used is the phase vocoder technique of sound analysis/resynthesis in conjunction with resampling. There seem to be a couple companies selling libraries to do suitable time pitch modification.

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The technique to convert a normal voice into a squeaky voice is called time-scale modification of speech. One way is to take the speech and reduce the pitch by a certain amount. Another approach is to stretch/compress the speech so that the frequencies in the voice get scaled by an appropriate amount. These are techniques in digital signal processing.

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the great link to download the sample code that provides all your needs,here also refer here for gaining more knowledge regarding your question.

In the init method of the Sample Code of ,u can see three float values as

time      = 0.7;  
    pitch     = 0.8;
    formant   = pow(2., 0./12.);

just adjust the pitch value to 1.9,it would be really a nice cat sound!!!

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