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I have a bunch of .class files that I did not myself build.

From these .class files, is it possible to know the various compilation flags used for building them? Things like... optimization on or off, with debug info on or off, etc.

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No major Java compiler does any kind of optimizations (except for some constant value folding). That's usually reserved for the JVM to be done at runtime.

To find out if a .class was generated with or without debug info, run javap on it using the -v flag and look for the LineNumberTable attribute. They should look something like this:

   line 7: 0
   line 8: 8

If the class was compiled with full debugging info (including local variables), then it also contains a LocalVariableTable like this:

   Start  Length  Slot  Name   Signature
   0      9      0    argc       [Ljava/lang/String;

One compiler flag that actually influences the output is -encoding to specify the input source file encoding. Since string literals in .class files always use UTF-8, there's no way to detect the original source files encoding from the .class file.

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