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Table is named as MasterTable



Name type VARCHAR(200) (stores xml type data for some reasons)

Name contains data structured as


When I need to Update the Master Table then at that time I Need to cast the Varchar to xml then conditionally update / replace the value part of particular tag i.e either en-US / it-IT.

Also there are chances that No data/tags are there in Name column so I think at the time of Inserting data it would Insert empty tag elements in the table like <en-US></en-US><it-IT></it-IT>, so the update query must handle empty value in tag elements namely en-US/it-IT.

I am trying to do it like following update query.


SET @Str = 'Test Text'

UPDATE [MasterTable]
SET [Name] = cast([MasterTable].[Name] as xml).modify('replace value of (en-US/text())[1] with sql:variable("@Str")')

I getting following error when running the query

Illegal use of xml data type method 'modify'. A non-mutator method is expected in this context.

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You can not assign from a xml.modify. Modify works on the variable/column directly. You can also not use modify on a cast.

You can extract the name to a xml variable, modify the xml and then put it back to the table.

declare @str varchar(200) = 'Test'
declare @xml xml

select @xml = cast(Name as xml)
from MasterTable
where ID = 18

set @xml.modify('replace value of (en-US/text())[1] with sql:variable("@Str")')

update MasterTable
set Name = cast(@xml as varchar(200))
where ID = 18

If you need this to work over more than one row at a time you can use a table variable with columns id and name where data type for name is xml instead of the @xml variable.

declare @str varchar(200) = 'Test Text'
declare @T table (ID int, Name xml)

insert into @T
select ID, cast(Name as xml)
from MasterTable
where Name is not null

update @T
set Name.modify('replace value of (en-US/text())[1] with sql:variable("@Str")')

update MasterTable
set Name = cast(T.Name as varchar(200))
from @T as T
where MasterTable.ID = T.ID
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I had changed this declare @str varchar(200) = 'Test' to declare @str varchar(200) set @str = 'Test' and it worked.. Thanks a lot – Harsh Baid Feb 24 '11 at 8:54
Can you tell that how to do if the previous code was COALESCE(@Name, Name) and now I want to changed it as UPDATE MasterTable set Name = Name.modify('replace value of (en-US/text())[1] with sql:variable("@Str")') where ID = 18 like-wise i.e handle NULLs in @Str – Harsh Baid Feb 26 '11 at 5:43
Also as the Name column is VARCHAR(200) so I am facing problem of directly calling modify on it – Harsh Baid Feb 26 '11 at 5:46
@Harsh: You can not call modify directly on a varchar column. You need to move it to a xml column (or variable) to use modify as in the code in my answer. – Mikael Eriksson Feb 26 '11 at 6:56
@Harsh: Updated answer – Mikael Eriksson Feb 26 '11 at 10:32

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