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I am trying to implement editable cell in tableview, just like what is available in new contact screen in iphone and ipod Right now I have two labels in a cell, one of which will remain same all the time and the other one will be editable. Do I need to change this label to textfield.

one more thing I also want that when i click one such cell it should pop a picker view and and set the picerview value.

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@Umang in order to make your UITableView cells editable i suggest u to give UITextField to your cell....for more help how to do it take help from already asked How to make tableviewcell text editable on touch in iPhone SDK?

Good Luck!

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Yes you should add a UITextField to the cell if you want to editable. but from your question i understand that you want to set a piker value to the cell label. in this case you don't need to change the cell.

you should add the pop the picker in the didSelectRow method, and change the cell label to its result.

if you dont know how just ask and i will try to help.

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Yeah, you will need to change it to a textfield. UILabel is non-editable by design.

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