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I almost successfully implemented compass lucene search in my web application.I am searching for a customer with his name. For example in the below screenshot , I am searching for a customer with RAM and below are the results. But there is a small problem,The results shown are not sorted for Names with RAM..it shows all customer names that have the three letters RAM in any position in their name.

I want all my results of Customer Name to start with Letters Ram*... Can anyone guide me how to get results that start with letters RAM.

It should return results like a database search for eg: " Where customername like 'RAM%'

My Analyzer is this

          <analyzer name="default" type="Simple">
                  <stopWord value="test" />

This is my annotated field for Customer First name in my entity class.

@SearchableMetaData(name = "customerFirstName")
private String customerFirstName;

search screen shot

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Just don't start it with a star. "*RAM*" will be anything than includes "RAM". "RAM*" will be things that start with "RAM."

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nops.. without giving * at the beginning also gives the same result.There must be some way to sort the search results. I think here compass is giving me relevant results..like google search..which is correct. but what I want is exact search..something like a database search for example 'where customername like 'RAM%'' –  Tito Cheriachan Feb 25 '11 at 8:25

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