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I am writing to an XML file which is placed in the src directory of my Flex project. But when I run my application, the changes I make to that XML file actually reflects in the copy of that XML file in my C:\wamp\www\myProject-debug\myXML.xml.

Is there a way to reflect those changes to the actual xml file i.e. the one in the src directory?

Server Side: PHP

PHP file is in the same src folder. Here is the related snippet of code:

$xdoc = new DomDocument("1.0");

$xdoc->preserveWhiteSpace = false;
$xdoc->formatOutput = true;

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You should be able to do so by using a relative or absolute path to where you want to save when you call $xdoc->save(). Since you are currently not providing a path, it is being saved in the current directory.

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