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I can't search in other field than the default. With q=field:search doesn't return nothing (but documents exists obsviouly). Also didn't find it with defType=dismax.

In the schema.xml I have the field with indexed="true" and stored="true" just like the default one.

What I am missing ?

Thanks in advance.

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So you are issuing a GET? Have you checked your encoding the ':', as it should be %3A. Without the right encoding you maybe trying to search the default field for 'field:search'.

Can you test your query in /solr/admin ?

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Yes, I'm issuing GET and the enconding are correct. It seems that is my query to the database: The query for import data are from two diferent tables: select table1.*, table2.field_title as title_table2 ... and are this "title_table2" that I can search in (it's configured in data-config.xml and schema.xml correctly). Is there another way of doing this type of querys ? It should be two entity anidates in data-config? – David Sedeño Feb 23 '11 at 11:26

just checking, if you changed your schema, you need to delete the data in /var/data and restart solr, otherwise you may be searching old not indexed stuff.

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I have tried to delete the data dir, full import again and doesn't work either: still doesn't find anything in "sub-entitys" fields, but this fields shows when search in fields of the "main-entity" – David Sedeño Feb 24 '11 at 8:57
can you try something like the schema I gave in answer in the following and see if it works there ?… – Bob Yoplait Feb 24 '11 at 9:28

If you are using a DisMax search make sure that you have the fields you are searching added to the query fields parameter solr search. It might just be that you are declaring a qf parameter in your search statement and your field is missing from the list.

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This may be a bit too plain, but did you - besides restarting your solr instance - remember reindex? Otherwise changes in the schema.xml won't apply.

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