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I want to play mp3 radio stream using Android MediaPlayer via http protocol. From time to time [1 playing of 5 - that is actually quite often] I receive PVMFFailure like this:

02-23 02:05:23.503: ERROR/PlayerDriver(91): Command PLAYER_INIT completed with an error or info PVMFFailure
02-23 02:05:23.503: ERROR/MediaPlayer(2111): error (1, -1)
02-23 02:05:23.533: ERROR/MediaPlayer(2111): stop called in state 0
02-23 02:05:23.533: ERROR/MediaPlayer(2111): error (-38, 0)

There is no solution here or on google, so please if you do know how to debug this, please help :)

Here is my code for player:

 MediaPlayer player = new MediaPlayer();


I`m using Android 2.2 API. Thanks!

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You should use player.prepareAsync(); instead player.prepare();.

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