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I have a query which pulls out all articles and their categories (that matches the current category).

I want it to fetch only 5 articles per category. how can i do it?

the query:

                    Articles   a
                    LEFT JOIN Articles_category b
                    LEFT JOIN Categories c
                    ON = b.category_id
                    LEFT JOIN Articles_category ac1
                    ON ac1.main = 1 AND = ac1.article_id AND ac1.position > 0
                    WHERE = '14' 
                    ORDER BY b.main DESC

I want it to select only 5 articles tops for each category.

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You can't do it with that query. You would have to loop a similar query to that, based on the category id. You could do it in a stored procedure, or loop the query repeatedly in code.

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how do i do it? – WEBProject Feb 23 '11 at 10:45
It looks like your current code is doing it already, for an individual category. You would need to put "LIMIT 5" at the end to return only the last 5 rows. That would return the first 5 of that category that match, you would need to then loop through the categories in PHP. I'm not familiar with with syntax you would need for a stored procedure, but I would believe it would be SELECT on the categories table, then multiple runs of that statement. – corrodedmonkee Feb 23 '11 at 10:50

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