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I would like to know how to perform the following lookup in Excel (Version = 2007) ...

The first sheet (sheet1) has the following 2 columns

UserID                            CreationDate
0004F9B41DEB7BED80257808003A2D45    29/12/2010 10:36
0074ACD71905583A80257730001EB114    28/01/2011 10:21
00799CCE1BEA0ACB802577AE00588A88    08/01/2011 15:36
009AD15E65AAB6008025783D00746A8B    20/02/2011 21:18

The second sheet (sheet2) has the following 2 columns

UserID                              BookingDate
003561E36C682DBE802576C1004A5962    13/01/2011 10:12
003561E36C682DBE802576C1004A5962    13/01/2011 07:51
0051D119847371F1802576210035B302    15/01/2011 12:28
005FF7CD6C0416E38025760D006B81C7    22/02/2011 12:07
005FF7CD6C0416E38025760D006B81C7    22/02/2011 09:33
005FF7CD6C0416E38025760D006B81C7    22/02/2011 09:28

What I need to do is take a userID from the first sheet and find out if its present on the second sheet BUT I need to only find ones where the BookingDate on sheet2 is after the CreationDate on sheet1. I don't need any information / columns from the second sheet - just a TRUE would be perfect.

Thanks !

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Formula for cell Sheet1!C2, copy down as far as required

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Works like a DREAM ... thanks - you just saved me a whole lot of effort ! –  ManseUK Feb 23 '11 at 13:15

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