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I have a complex 3 layer query in wich I`d liked to pass table name as parameter. I use code like this:

DB::query(Database::SELECT, 'SELECT 
    SUM(volume) AS `volumeTotal`, 
    MIN(volume) AS `volumeMin`, 
    MAX(volume) AS `volumeMax`, 
    AVG(volume) AS `volumeAverage`, 
    STD(volume) AS `volumeSD`
    SELECT TIMEDIFF (DT,CAST( @dt AS DATETIME )) AS Ival, CAST( @dt AS DATETIME ) AS `start` , @dt := DT AS `stop` , `volume`
    FROM ( SELECT @dt := NULL) dt, 
    ( SELECT * FROM  :table WHERE id = :XID) vals
    ->param(':table', $tableName)
    ->param(':XID', $ID) 

It is not suitable for me to use query builder for this (and I think it is not optimal way). Of course, I may input parameters into query directly like ".$tableName.", but I think there should be a more correct way.

The question is:

How to pass table name as parameter to database query using Kohana?

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You're already doing it ->param(':table', $tableName) – The Pixel Developer Feb 23 '11 at 13:32
Inserted DB::expr() in the wrong place. Sorry. – Yuriy Petrovskiy Feb 23 '11 at 21:43
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Need to use DB::expr($tableName) instead of $tableName.

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