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I am implementing a Email Queue system. the basic idea is to store emails in the sql ce Db and then read them through a Windows Service and send them.

Assuming that there are 200 rows in the DB i need to fetch 10 records first and so i needed the OUTPUT clause so that i could run something like this

UPDATE MAILQUEUE Set STATUS='Fetched' where QueueID in (select top(10) QueueID from MailQueue where Status='Queued' order by QueueID asc)

**OUTPUT** deleted.*

if this is not possible i can also think of removing the rows permanently from the DB and processing them and incase of failure store them in a FailQueue table. In this case can Select and Delete be done using the SqlCeTransaction class????

If there is a better way to implement this please advise.

Thanking all

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Performing your SELECT and UPDATE in a single SqlCeTransaction would do the trick.

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yup..that will definitely do the trick.. –  Pankaj Kumar Feb 23 '11 at 12:20

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