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I am looking for usefull scripts, vim configurations and addons for Drupal development with Vim.

I am especially interested in experiences with various scripts, personal favorites and so on.

From Useful Vim plugins for web development and design (php, html, css, javascript)?

  • surround.vim to enclose text in HTML tags
  • jslint.vim to check for JavaScript errors and bad practices with JSLint
  • jshint.vim to check for JavaScript errors and bad practices with JSHint (less brutal than JSLint)
  • http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1623 to for automatic folding of PHP
  • Syntastic for automatic syntax checking of e.g. PHP
  • Exuberant ctags for tagging of a wide array of languages.
  • Taglist Helps view/navigate source, displays call signature in status area.

  • Snipmate snipmate with Drupal texmate bundle.

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T-Command kicks ass and is not only for Drupal development. You will love it. See the video.


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Here is a link to my .vimrc file. at gist Specific to Drupal it:

  • contains a hot key ([ctrl]+[n]) for "drush cc all".
  • Associates .install .module and .inc files with php syntax highlighting.
  • Checks php syntax before saving a file.
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