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I usually work with the mac program for subversion "svnx", and works rather well with http repositories. Today I tried to checkout a svn+ssh repo but the program does not work correctly. Somebody solved this problem?


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ok I realized that the trick is to use the program "Versions" for mac, which works much better than svnx in this case – flow Feb 23 '11 at 21:27
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I've found three things that have helped me use SvnX with svn+ssh repositories. These might help with your problem:

  • do the initial checkout from the command line; this allows you to accept the site's host key

  • older versions of subversion do not pass the -q option to ssh by default; if this is the case for you, add a line like this to the [tunnels] section of ~/.subversion/config:

    ssh = $SVN_SSH ssh -q

  • if you use the ControlMaster option with ssh, you should disable it for svn; add a line like this to the [tunnels] section of ~/.subversion/config (you may need to combine this with the last item):

    ssh = $SVN_SSH ssh -o ControlMaster=no

Hope this helps!

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