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I have a project with two targets, one is a Cocoa Static Library, the other is the accompanying test project. Despite building the main project in different ways over and over again, I cannot find the .a file that I expect it to produce.

In fact, I cannot find the build folder associated with the project. I need to link to the library in an app, but cannot do so if I can't find the file to link to.

  • These properties are correctly set:

    (Build Products Path) SYMROOT = build
    (Intermediate Build Files Path) OBJROOT = $(SYMROOT)
  • All tests pass (which means the code MUST be building right?)

  • Breaking the code causes the build to break - again suggesting that it is building.

Also, the "Products > libproject.a" file is red in the xcode project navigation

I also checked the DerivedData directory, but all the seems to get created is the objects fot the OCunit stuff. Still no .a file against which I can link.

Where is my .a file?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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It's probably in ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/ somewhere.

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