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I use aspnet 4 and c#. My user need inserting DATE and TIME in a field. The data to pass to DataBase has this format

2011-02-23 10:30:29.27 and DataType: datetime2

I can see in visual studio just a Calendar WebControl but it is able to handle just the date and not the time.

I found an interested WebControl at: http://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/calendar/examples/overview/defaultcs.aspx

Specially functuion for Time Picker.

My question do you know any Free/Open source control? If not any other solution WebControl or not?


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I don't know if you are willing to use jQuery UI. If you are, Trent Richardson has extended the jQuery UI DatePicker to include a TimePicker.

This might work for you: http://trentrichardson.com/examples/timepicker/

There are a lot of sample on the page so it sould be pretty easy to use and you can wire up to your asp.net backend a number of ways including a static webmethod exposed via a scriptmanager.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, but I cannot use jquery.. any ther ideas? –  GibboK Feb 24 '11 at 7:30
Nothing that I'm aware of. You could extend the Asp.Net Ajax Control Toolkit Calendar (available here: ajaxcontroltoolkit.codeplex.com ) or just add a simple user control with dropdowns or textboxes. Also, I quick search produced this: markbeaton.com/… which may actually be what you are looking for. I have no experience with it but it's a free datetimepicker and could be worth a look. –  Dubmun Feb 24 '11 at 15:22
Thanks DubMum for your info. Hopefully MS will add this controls in their ajaxcontroltoolkit one day :-) –  GibboK Feb 25 '11 at 6:41

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