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I had a few questions along with some solutions about which i am not confirm if they will work or not.

The Question is that i am making an App that has some confidential content which i want to keep on my server. Is there any way that i don't have to upload my content on Urban Airship and still user's can subscribe to that? I mean the content will be on my server but i will put its description etc on Urban Airship and later download it from my own server?

What i found out was that Urban Airship requires that the content must be added to the Urban Airship Account. So i thought of an alternate solution and that was that i will add the content against each subscription which will be a text file that will contain the URL of the actual content which will be residing on my server. And then i can access my own servers content. I wanted to get your opinion on this whether its going to work or not?

Or just let me know a more economical way of managing subscriptions.

Waiting for you Reply.. Kanwal Maqbool

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