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I'd like to create a custom model binder.

Let's say there're 20 properties. I need manualy bind only five of them. I'd like to bind the other 15 properties automatic like the default binder does.

Is this somehow possible ?

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Sure, the very least thing you can do is inherit DefaultModelBinder, override the BindModel(...) method and use base.BindModel(...) for whatever you want. After that just provide your own binding logic for anything else.

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I had such problem few days ago and I have solved it by filling the default properties inside the constructor. In this way I just pass the model without any problem even if I don't have an "Author" field:

public class Post
    private string title;
    private string author;
    private string content;

    public string Title
        get { return title; }
        set { title = value; }

    public string Author
        get { return author; }
        set { author = value; }

    public string Content
        get { return content; }
        set { content = value; }

    public Post()
        this.author = "Davis";
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