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Define a function called symcount that takes a symbol and a list and returns the number of times the symbol occurs in the list. If the list contains sublists, all occurrences should be counted no matter how deeply they are nested.

(define syscount(lambda (n x)
  (if (empty? x)
  (if (equal? n (car x))
    (+ 1 syscount(n (cdr x))))))) 

this is what i have written help me pls

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This looks like a homework, right? You can take a look here, it will help you getting some answers :) – JSBach Feb 23 '11 at 14:01
You totally changed your question... I reverted the change. If you need help for scheme in general, start reading a tutorial. – Felix Kling Feb 24 '11 at 1:35
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(define (syscount n x) 
            (if (null? x) 0 
                  (if (list? (car x))  (+ (syscount n (car x)) (syscount n (cdr x))) 
                         (+ (syscount n (cdr x)) (if (equal? n (car x)) 1 0))))) 

Output is

(syscount '1 '(1 2 3))
(syscount '1 '(1 (1 2) 3))
(syscount '1 '(1 (1 2) 1 (1) 3))

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Something like:

(define (my-flatten xs)
   (lambda(x acc)
     (if (list? x)
         (append (my-flatten x) acc)
         (cons x acc)))

(define (my-filter pred xs)
  (let recur ((xs xs)
              (acc (list)))
    (if (empty? xs)
        (reverse acc)
        (if (pred (car xs))
            (recur (cdr xs) (cons (car xs) acc))
            (recur (cdr xs) acc)))))

(define (count-occur s ls)
  (let ((flatten-ls (my-flatten ls)))
    (foldl (lambda (e acc) (if (eq? s e)
                               (+ acc 1)


> (count-occur 'foo (list 1 'foo (list 2 'foo 3 'bar) 4 (list 5 (list 6 'foo)) 7 'foo 8))
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(define (symcount n x)
  (cond((null? x) 0)
       ((list? (car x))(symcount n (car x)))
       ((eq? n (car x))(+ 1 (symcount n (cdr x))))
       (else(symcount n (cdr x)))))
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