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I'm trying to adapt the open source TAP-Win32 driver for my project.

When it installs (at least on Windows 7, and I think Windows XP too) it creates a device named "TAP-Win32 Adapter V9" in the Devices control panel. This is easy to change by editing the OemWin2k.inf file that comes with it.

However, the device then gets attached to a network in the Windows Networks browser, where it is named by default something like "Local Area Connection 2." I can easily rename this using the GUI: just click on the network and press F2.

But my problem is this: the network device I'm working on is definitely not a "Local Area Connection", it's actually a virtual network device. What can I do to make the name by default show up using a more descriptive name of my choosing?

Is there any general documentation about this I should be reading?

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Have you tried the script attached here, it's from Open VPN community and I use it after installation to make everything a little bit nicer.

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