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I am trying to match two values in two arrays

var months ['jan', 'feb', 'march'];
var noDays ['31', '28', '31'];

Then i want to fin the months with the maximum number and return them as such

"both jan and march have a total of 31 days"

any suggestions please

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Well, that problem could be solved with a simple algorithm:

var months = ['jan', 'feb', 'march'];
var noDays = [31, 28, 31];

var maxDays = 0;
var longestMonths = [];
for (var i = 0; i<Math.min(months.length, noDays.length);i++){
       maxDays = noDays[i];
       longestMonths = [months[i]];
   }else if(noDays[i]==maxDays)

After executing this code, maxDays is 31and longestMonths is ['jan', 'march']

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