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This is the distillation of the problem we are having...

  1. We have two solution files. Both have a project reference to the same project, ProjA
  2. ProjA has a reference to ProjX



We would like the ProjX reference to be a project reference in SolutionOne, but an assembly reference in SolutionTwo

How can this be done, since ProjA.csproj is the same file referenced by both solutions?

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I've never done this before but this sounds like a conditional build. You'd need to define new solution configurations - instead of Debug/Release, you'd call them ProjRef and AsmRef. SolutionOne would build using ProjRef and SolutionTwo would build using AsmRef. Then, you'd modify your vbproj/csproj and tag the reference with the Condition.

Take a look at this article:


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