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I am using criteria for counting number of rows. consider a class

class GroupMembership{
 public Group  Group{get;set;}
 public Member Member{get;set;}


I have a criteria which fetches distinct members for each group as:

.CreateCriteria("Group", "grp")
.CreateAlias("this.CommunityMember", "CommunityMember")
.Add(Projections.CountDistinct("this.CommunityMember.Id"), "TotalMembers"))

Is there a way i can count without performing the inner join with the CommunityMember.

UPDATE: I am adding the SQLs generated from the query

SELECT   this_.GroupId                                  as y0_,
         count(distinct communitym2_.CommunityMemberId) as y1_
FROM     [GroupMembership] this_
         inner join [CommunityMember] communitym2_
           on this_.CommunityMemberId = communitym2_.CommunityMemberId
         inner join [Group] grp1_
           on this_.GroupId = grp1_.GroupId
GROUP BY this_.GroupId

As you can see we can easily avoid the inner join in the SQL. My question is whether the same can be done in criteria.

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How about...

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