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I'm trying to use a function to count the number of unique cells in a spreadsheet that, at the same time, meet multiple criteria.

Given the following example:

A        B       C
1        75012   banana
5                orange
6        56089   orange
3        89247   orange
7        45321   orange
2                apple
4        45321   apple

In the example above, I need to know how many unique stores with a valid STORE# have received oranges OR apples. In the case above, the result should be 3 (stores 56089, 89247 and 45321).

This is how I started to try solving the problem:


The above formula will yield the number of unique stores with a valid store#, but not just the ones that have received oranges or apples. How can I add that extra criteria?

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How about ADO? chr – Fionnuala Feb 23 '11 at 15:45
Interesting problem +1 – momobo Feb 24 '11 at 7:24
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Mine is done a slightly different way (and it works), but the main reason I am posting this is because I was wondering if the second part of my formula could somehow be made into an array formula thus making it shorter.

To do this, sort the 3 columns on column B from smallest to largest and since part of it is currently an array formula, type in the formula and [ctrl]+[shift]+[enter]. The sorted data now looks like this:

  A     B       C
  7   45321   orange
  4   45321   apple
  6   56089   orange
  1   75012   banana
  3   89247   orange
  5           orange
  2           apple

And the formula is:


The first part (in curly braces) is pretty self-explanatory:


What I am interested in is trying to see if the second part can be expressed as an array formula. I had initially come up with


but it seems to be counting "banana" as a legit entry for some reason. Therefore, I had to go with entering all elements in the 2nd part manually rather than use an array formula. Anyone have ideas as to how to get this done?

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Thanks! Works great! – wotaskd Jan 30 '12 at 23:07

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