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I want to be able to take a snapshot of a preview camera screen being displayed on a SurfaceView. I know it has something to do with the onPreviewFrame() method and this returns a byte array in YUV format but I have no idea how to call the onPreviewFrame() method on it's own.

I have used it in conjunction with Camera.setPreviewCallback() but this is a continuous thing that keeps generating the image, I need it to do it once on an onClick(), to pretty much take a photo without making the preview window stop. Any ideas?

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For anybody else with a similar problem to this I solved it by using the setOneShotPreviewCallback() method on the camera object to give me a byte[] with the information for the image. with that its can be used to create a YUV and then compressed to bitmap or whatever you need.

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Capture the preview image into a canvas and hold a lock to it. You can then easily save to a BitMap Refer this post for complete explanation with sample code

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