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Passing data between asp.net pages

how to pass value of TEXTBOX from one page to another page in ASP.NET c# I need, not by using URL string query method. I do need passing from one page to another without passing values by URL.

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Use the session state.

Session["TextBoxValue"] = TextBox1.Text;

Then, retrieve it on the other page:

string val = Session["TextBoxValue"];
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Also I am getting an error while compiling .csproj file to obtain dll file. The error is cs0103 error TextBox01 not found in the current context. though I created a TextBox correctly... –  lock Feb 23 '11 at 18:00
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you can create a form in the first page, this form contains your required parameters and use an action redirect to another page like in this example:

<form method="post" action="yoursecondpage.aspx">
  <input ... />

Another way is using a Server.Transfer("mySecondPage", true), in the second page, on Page_Load event you can cast "PreviousPage as MySecondPage" and get properties .

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