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How can I list the slowest JUnit tests in a multi-module Maven build?

This should be accross all modules.

A Hudson/Jenkins solution could also do.

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Disclaimer: I truly apologize for my bash solution, although it works and fits in one line :-). If you are impatient, go to the bottom.

First we need to find all TEST-*.xml files produced by maven-surefire-plugin. Run this after mvn test in the root directory of your project to discover test results in all submodules:

$ find . -iname "TEST-*.xml"

Fortunately the format of these files is pretty straightforward, a simple grep and we have what we need:

$ grep -h "<testcase" `find . -iname "TEST-*.xml"`

Now some sed magic to extract invocation time, test case class and method name:

$ sed 's/<testcase time="\(.*\)" classname="\(.*\)" name="\(.*\)".*/\1\t\2.\3/'

There's nothing more left just to sort the result and display longest running tests:

$ sort -rn | head

Promised one-liner:

$ grep -h "<testcase" `find . -iname "TEST-*.xml"` | sed 's/<testcase time="\(.*\)" classname="\(.*\)" name="\(.*\)".*/\1\t\2.\3/' | sort -rn | head

Amazingly, the results look reasonable (Activiti 5.1 multi-module code-base taken as an example):

3.029   org.activiti.examples.variables.jpa.JPAVariableTest.testStoreJPAEntityAsVariable
2.904   org.activiti.engine.test.forms.FormsTest.testTaskFormPropertyDefaultsAndFormRendering
1.594   org.activiti.engine.test.api.mgmt.ManagementServiceTest.testGetJobExceptionStacktrace
1.114   org.activiti.examples.variables.jpa.JPAVariableTest.testUpdateJPAEntityValues
1.006   org.activiti.engine.test.db.EngineRebootProcessDefinitionCacheTest.testStartProcessInstanceByIdAfterReboot
0       org.activiti.engine.test.pvm.PvmVariablesTest.testVariables
0       org.activiti.engine.test.pvm.PvmScopeWaitStateTest.testWaitStateScope
0       org.activiti.engine.test.pvm.PvmScopesAndConcurrencyTest.testConcurrentPathsGoingIntoScope
0       org.activiti.engine.test.pvm.PvmEventTest.testNestedActivitiesEventsOnTransitionEvents
0       org.activiti.engine.test.pvm.PvmEventTest.testEmbeddedSubProcessEvents
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Great stuff! It works! – Axel Fontaine Feb 27 '11 at 18:57
In my case, time and name attributes are inverted. The one-liner becomes: grep -h "<testcase" find . -iname "TEST-*.xml"` | sed 's/<testcase name="(.*)" classname="(.*)" time="(.*)".*/\3\t\2.\1/' | sort -rn | head` – Rolf Jun 23 '14 at 7:14

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