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I have two ActiveRecord models: Event and Place. Event has a property name place_id which points to Place. Place has a column named place_name.

How do I write a web service that returns a json of events with each event also holds the associated place_name value.

I tried simply adding an attr_accessor field name place_name to the Event model and populate it manually after selecting the events. But when I do: render :json => events_collection_result

the place_name doesn't appear in the json.

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and populate it manually after selecting the events..can you show how you tried.. –  rubyprince Feb 23 '11 at 18:29

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All of this logic falls under ActiveRecord Associations. It's a very fundamental piece of Rails functionality, so it's very well documented. That guide should more than suffice.

You'll want to invoke belongs_to :place if your Event class definition. From there, you can access an Event's place name via @event.place.place_name, although I'd recommend you rename place_name to just name.

JSON won't display the association by default. There are plenty of ways to remedy this, the most basic of which is to overwrite Event#to_json, which is the method that is called by default when Rails attempts to produce a JSON representation of an ActiveRecord instance.

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Thanks. I already know and use ActiveRecord Associations. My problem was with the JSON part. But I solved it already: I use attributes.merge to dynamically add attributes to the object before transforming it to json –  Shahar Feb 25 '11 at 4:06

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