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I am newbie to programming. I start write my hello world in FORTRAN but the splash screen is very fast. Why can't I see anything? Why is the black screen not showing me: "hello world"? I see splash screen but it vanishes in the speed of light...

program HelloWorld
   write (*,*) 'Hello, world!'   ! This is an inline comment
 end program HelloWorld
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my professor uses fortran so i have to use it –  user630738 Feb 23 '11 at 18:24
@JYelton: quiet! Don't judge on the things you simply didn't know anything about. –  Wildcat Feb 23 '11 at 20:25
@user630738: which is you OS, compiler? How do you compile and execute you programs? –  Wildcat Feb 23 '11 at 20:26

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I'm guessing that your Fortran program is writing to the screen, then the screen disappears when the program completes. Sort of like a Windows command window.

Try putting a read from console statement after the write. You don't care what you're reading from the console, but you'll see the results of the write statement in the window while the read waits for console input.

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I will guess you are using Windows.

If your executable program is at c:\foo\a.exe, you can open a Windows console with (Start, Run, "cmd"), move to the c:\foo directory using the "cd" command, and then type a.exe at the prompt (or simply "a") to run your program. The output will appear in the Windows console. To redirect the output to a file, you can type "a.exe > some_file.txt". Beginning programmers using Windows should learn a little about the Windows command line, including basic commands such as "cd", "dir", and "findstr".

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you can try pause at the point you want to stop the program for example

program HelloWorld
   write (*,*) 'Hello, world!'   ! This is an inline comment
 end program HelloWorld

after the 'hello world' was displayed, the cmd windows will still hold on,because the pause function,after check your result, press Enter. the FORTRAN will do the code below pause

I hope this hit can help you

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