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I working on a project where I am trying to render a pager(from http://en.webdiyer.com/) with razor syntax. Here is code line. I am using asp.net mvc3.

    new PagerOptions() {
        PageIndexParameterName = "page",
        CurrentPagerItemWrapperFormatString = "<span class=\"active\">{0}</span>",
        NumericPagerItemWrapperFormatString = "<span>{0}</span>",
        ShowDisabledPagerItems = false,
        NavigationPagerItemWrapperFormatString = "<span>{0}</span>",
        MorePagerItemWrapperFormatString = "<span>{0}</span>",
        CssClass = "pagination-digg",
        NumericPagerItemCount = 7,
        SeparatorHtml = ""
    new AjaxOptions() {
        UpdateTargetId = "dvData",

But it doesnt render the html.

Help will be appreciated.

Regards Parminder

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Please use a useful title. –  SLaks Feb 23 '11 at 18:00
Your code looks OK. What is the output? Does it simply not do anything? Since this is a third-party library, have you tried contacting the author? –  marcind Feb 23 '11 at 18:28
thanks Slaks and Marcind. it works with webform syntax but not with the razor. –  Parminder Feb 23 '11 at 19:04

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I fixed it. It was not working because, it was returning string whereas MVC3 was excepting MVCHtmlString.

Thanks everyone.

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Assuming your model is a PagedList<T> and it is not null or empty, the following should work:

@model Webdiyer.WebControls.Mvc.PagedList<Foo>
@Html.AjaxPager(Model, new PagerOptions(), new AjaxOptions())

Then try adding options incrementally to see what's the problem.

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