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Does Silverlight support sqlce or MS Access Databe.?

My requirement is my application is OutofBrowser so I need to CRUD Trasaction throught this so how I can use this.

I had try With Isolation storage database, but I phase the issue with Inserting data and reading data(At the first time I am able to Create DB and Table and also Insert the data, but the second time I phase the issue of inserting means append and also it will create a diffrent different file so reading problem),

so I am very confuge about this, I had also try the Domain Entity Framwork and Domain Service RIA, but it also not support in outofborwser.

What is the actual solution for this.?


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No SQLCE is not implemented for the Silverlight platform.

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Ok thanks. so there is any work around for this. –  Jitendra Jadav Feb 23 '11 at 18:41

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