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I have a 'ListBox' that I am currently using to fill up items.

However, I need the behavior that is similiar to how a combobox behaves as if its 'IsEditable '= "True" .

that is the combox filters the items based on what I enter into the text field...

I want similiar behavior in the ListBox.

And I cannot make use of a ComboBox in this case .. I need to manipulate the listbox to behave like that. Is it possible?

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You can. There's no built-in mode like there is for a ComboBox (since by default a ListBox has no text-entry capacity - it just displays items), but you can achieve the same behavior by binding the ListBox to a CollectionView and using the view's filtering abilities.

This blog post gives an example (with source) for how that's done.

Update: That whole domain seems to be offline, here's that post on the Wayback Machine.

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