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How can I add Wordnet dictionary or msword dictionary in my application? I am developing the Application in .NET C#.

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What do you mean by "add [a dictionary] in my application"? Are you looking for spell checking functionality? – Ryan Emerle Feb 4 '09 at 0:53

I assume u want to add spell checking?

if so there are a few options

using the MS Word

Can you give some more info on your requirements?

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thannnxx but i want to search for meaning of any word with the help of dictinary. My application is like it will help the user to open up a file (using windows form) to read. And if the user come across with any difficult word,so the user can click on that word and find the meaning of it.Like MSWOrd – Sara ahemd Feb 4 '09 at 23:45

As far as I was aware MS Word does not have a true dictionary. It has a spellchecker and a thesaurus.

Do you mean you want a thesaurus?

If you want a true dictionary perhaps you can look at doing a callout to a dictionary webservice like this one

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You could look at using the WordNet data files in your application, they are just text files that seem to follow a pretty basic structure. If you download the windows app you can see the data files it uses. Alternativly you could import them into a database (through SSIS or other means) to make life easier for yourself when coding:

  • SQLite -> Self contained single file database which you can query through your .NET app
  • Sql Express -> Free version of SQL Server you could deploy with your app.
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If you want to do spell checking, hyphenation in :NET or need a thesaurus, you can give NHunspell a try. It is a .NET version of the OpenOffice, Google Chrome and Firefox spell checker Hunspell and has all these features. It can use the OO dictionaries.

NHunspell Project Homepage

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For those who view this question, please refer to the following link. It points various C# implementations that read the WordNet database.

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Of the API's listed here:, Matt Gerber's ( ) is the best.

It's not a great API, but it works okay and it was a good start for what I needed.

I've also not tried Proxem's Antelope yet as it seemed more like a heavyweight app then a simple API. It may be much more robust though.

There's also a SharpWordNet library as part of the SharpNLP project that I haven't tried yet.

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